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“Your company and its key personnel have earned a clear reputation throughout our firm as a company known for its innovative and consistently high-quality and timely work through the many developments we’ve done together over the last two-plus decades.

In each of our collective developments, Griffin has consistently proven their expertise in providing accurate and realistic preliminary cost projections, maintaining the highest quality construction, and consistently executing their work within oftentimes near-impossible schedule parameters. Your entire team’s ability to envision the full scope of a development from the most basic schematic plans, adherence to its initial cost estimates throughout the even most volatile construction market conditions, and its ‘find a better way to build it’ culture are what set it apart from so many other contractors.

Our many mutual clients have generated tremendous utility and value from the buildings that we’ve designed and built together, the success of which is reaffirmed by our continued and enhanced relationships with each of these as well as with our new clients.”

– The Architectural Team, Chelsea, MA

“I was impressed with the proactive approach by the Griffin Team and your willingness to go the extra mile to facilitate this project.  Most importantly safety remained a top priority despite the aggressive schedule.

Having partnered with Griffin Electric on several projects over the years, we have full confidence in your abilities and performance.”

Whiting-Turner Contracting Company, Framingham, MA

“Submittals were produced quickly and completely, changes were priced competitively and executed quickly, and requisitions were produced on time and without revision.  Switchgear, lighting, and generator arrived early and on time, and were installed per specifications.  Furthermore, WJGEI brought a teamwork mentality to the jobsite and proactively sought effective solutions to jobsite issues.  The electricians onsite worked safely and produced quality workmanship.

The team’s leadership and positive attitude was a major contribution to the overall success of the project.”

– Suffolk Construction, Boston, MA

“Rather than just build what was shown on the drawings, [Wayne J. Griffin Electric] took a proactive role in taking corrective action to ensure their work was ‘built right the first time.’ [Griffin Electric] earned the informal distinction of being the Best Overall Team Player Award for their role in proactive problem solving. I highly recommend [Griffin] to any project owner who has an unusually demanding project needing a best in class electrical contractor.”

C3 – Commercial Construction Consulting, Inc., Boston, MA

Griffin Electric is one of New England’s premier electrical contractors, yet when dealing with them you get the feeling of working with a neighbor and trusted friend. Their professionalism, courtesy and knowledge is outstanding and is worthy of commendation. Their knowledge of the electrical code and ability to provide problem solving resolutions, exemplary. Whether dealing with Wayne himself or any of his personnel, you get confident and dependable feedback that you can take into a meeting with confidence.”

D.F. Pray, Seekonk, MA

“In particular, I was impressed by the team’s ability to work in conjunction with our Skanska team and the other trades coordinating the installations with real time electronic technology coordination and as-built conditions to assure each phase was proactively managed.  Members of the Griffin Electric team were diligent in identifying any potential issue upfront and doing everything possible to offer solutions to benefit the client and the entire project team.  Even in situations which might have created delays or difficulties, the experience of the Griffin Electric team was a clear asset, both in the level of professionalism and the positive attitude of each member.”

Skanska, Boston, MA

“I was pleased with how your team interacted with the General Contractor, Callahan Construction, as well as the Design Team, and their proactive approach to problem solving.  The project was to be completed within a tight time frame that required a fast turnaround and the Griffin team was cooperative and responsive in every way.  They demonstrated careful planning and coordination to execute the job safely and efficiently from start to finish.”

Sidney Grove LLC, c/o National Development, Newton Lower Falls, MA

“While my previous experience with WJGEI has shown your organization to provide work of the highest quality in a professional manner, my experience with the team assigned to the Lunenburg contracts went above and beyond my expectations.  The project team … consistently performed as partners to both Shawmut and the Owner.”

– Shawmut Design and Construction, Boston, MA

“Your entire staff, from your foreman through each journeyman and apprentice, proved to be skilled, efficient, well organized and hard working.  When issues arose, which are unavoidable on a project of this size and scope, we worked together to get them resolved.  When the situation warranted, your crew worked long hours, even on some weekends, to get the job done.”

– Methuen Construction, Plaistow, NH  

“The conclusion of this project provides me the opportunity to pause and reflect about lessons learned and also to thank my subcontractors whose partnership and participation was vital in successfully delivering the project to our client.  You are one of those subcontractors.

The quality of workmanship and adherence to schedule, as performed by Wayne J. Griffin Electric, is duly recognized as integral to the success of the project.  You should be quite proud of this accomplishment as it was not easy.”

– JLL Construction, Boston, MA

“As a Project Manager for Integrated Builders, Inc., I have been fortunate to work with Wayne J. Griffin Electric on my last two (2) major projects. 

On both projects I found Wayne J. Griffin Electric’s Project Managers and Foremen to be reliable, knowledgeable of the contract scopes and schedules.  The jobsites were always adequately staffed and supervised.  Their full cooperation was always given to the “Project Teams” with respect to their interaction with both Project Architects/Engineers and especially to our Clients, which brought about expedited results so that the work progressed smoothly.

All showed a high level of professionalism and commitment to assure successful projects for Integrated, Griffin Electric and most importantly our Clients.”

– Integrated Builders, Rockland, MA

Your project team played an integral role in completing this multi-phase complex project safely, efficiently, within budget and on schedule for a very demanding client.  The team did what was needed and went above and beyond in meeting demanding off hours and weekend/night shifts all while maintaining a safe working environment during normal working hours in a fully occupied office/data center campus.”

– Gilbane Building Company, Providence, RI

What stands out from working closely with the Griffin Electric team is their leadership and experience in coordinating the details of a project across all partners to provide solutions that serve to limit overall costs and delays.  Whether it was working with the design team to anticipate challenges, identify requirements, or obtain better pricing from materials vendors, Griffin made it a point to integrate contributions from all parties in a way that made the process transparent and collaborative.  In cases where the electrical requirements expanded or changes were necessary, the Griffin team offered flexibility in accepting the additional work and offered cost-efficient solutions that were in line with budget expectations of the project.”

– GeniSys, South Boston, MA

“I have worked with your firm since 1995 on several successful projects and your company has earned a clear reputation as a company known for consistent high-quality, safely installed and timely work. 

In each of our collective projects, Griffin Electric has proven its ability to provide accurate cost projections, to maintain high-quality construction, and to consistently complete work on-schedule.  …Our mutual clients have generated tremendous utility and value from the buildings we have designed and built together.”

– e3i Engineers, Boston, MA

The WJG representatives involved with the project, from the folks in the field to the managers in the office, all worked collaboratively with the design team to help deliver an exceptional product while being fair to all concerned.”

– Caolo & Bieniek Associates, Inc., Chicopee, MA

“… this was not my first time working with the Griffin Electric Team as we have completed many School projects that range from Design Build, Competitive Bid (Plans and Specifications) and most recently … a Chapter 149a CM at Risk project.

As in past projects, I was pleased with the cohesive way in which our project teams worked together.  The Griffin team was cooperative and responsive in every way.  They demonstrated careful planning and coordination, to execute the job safely and efficiently from start to finish.”

– City of Newton, Newton Highlands, MA

“From your on-site team… to the project management…, the complex electrical and telecommunications work performed was handled with the utmost organization and professionalism.

For more than a year, we worked closely with Griffin…, and found the collaboration of our teams led to the successful and timely completion of the project.  With Griffin’s careful coordination of the schedule and the cooperation with the general contractor and other subcontractors on the project, we established a positive connection and concluded the project with the satisfaction of the owner and all parties involved.”

– CSL Consulting, Burlington, MA

“We appreciated the level of communication and teamwork displayed by Griffin Electric throughout the project…  We were also impressed with the quality of their work, which included installation of new lighting, power, fire alarm, telecom, A/V systems on-site.

Having now worked successfully with Griffin Electric on a number of projects over the years, … they have consistently demonstrated their proficiency and become a trusted project partner.”

– G.V.W., Incorporated, East Boston, MA




“Wayne J. Griffin’s knowledge and expertise in their field was a huge advantage to the successful delivery of our project.  They put their teams’ skillset to work in order to make sure all deliverables were met in a timely fashion. 

Along with their undeniable talent at the craft level, Wayne J. Griffin [Electric] was also fun to work with.  They are a true team player, and always manage to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of the other subcontractors they work with.” 

– BE&K Building Group, Durham, NC

“Your foreman … and his crew worked hard to ensure that safety and quality always came first, providing a first-class building for the Owner and End-User.  … your management team also worked well with the different trades, Owner and End-User to work out issues and changes to their scope.  Their good communications and teamwork set the stage for a successful, on-time completion of the project.

– R.G. Vanderweil Engineers, LLP, Boston, MA

WJG stands out from other electrical providers as they truly partner with the general contractor and owner to minimize cost and disruption.

The entire WJG team remained professional and stayed the course on this very difficult project without compromising quality, safety or costs.  They proactively worked to the Owner’s benefit and always offered a way to help solve problems.”

– Newell Brands, Atlanta, GA

“As Project Manager for DPR Construction, the General Contractor selected for this project, I worked closely with Wayne J. Griffin [Electric], Inc. team to ensure we met an aggressive ten (10) month schedule safely, within budget and with an extremely high level of quality.  The … building was a challenging design build project, which required significant coordination with an adjacent [facility].  The team provided consistency in their approach and maintained a collaborative work environment.  I’m pleased that Wayne J. Griffin [Electric], Inc. was part of our team.”

– DPR Construction, Glen Allen, VA

The communication and teamwork from the very beginning was excellent and this helped insure that we never missed a beat.  This helped result in a project that finished nearly a year ahead of schedule and under budget and this is the epitome of what a strong project team should look like. 

The Wayne J. Griffin Electric team was a direct contributor to [the] success.”

– Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC, Birmingham, AL

“The Wayne J. Griffin team provided a high-quality installation and handled the challenging project schedule and construction issues with the utmost professionalism.  The Griffin team had a great relationship with the Brasfield & Gorrie project team & Owner, and met all expectations and requests in an efficient and timely manner.

– Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC, Kennesaw, GA

“Wayne J. Griffin Electric’s ability to support our efforts and quickly turn around conceptual pricing is extremely important to us and underlines the commitment that they have towards being one of our valued trade partners.  I look forward to continuing this relationship.”

– Holder Construction Company, Charlotte, NC

“While our deadlines and requirements for this project were challenging, we managed to all come together and succeed by completing the project on-time and without a single loss-time incident or accident. This would not have been possible without your commitment and hard work towards the completion of the electrical and communications system package.

We are all grateful for your partnership throughout this project and look forward to working side-by-side again in the near future.”

– Archer-Western / Walsh Group, Ft. Bragg, NC