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“The Lawrence + Memorial Hospital Cancer Center project was a fast-track, lean, and technically complex construction project. Coupled with the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) approach, this project required the ‘best-in-class trade partners’, and the Wayne J. Griffin team lived up to that expectation.

Without Wayne J. Griffin Electric involved, the project would not be a resounding success story. … part of the Cancer Center project success was directly linked to the work of the Wayne J. Griffin Electric team.

… the Wayne J. Griffin electrical team members provided the highest level of value and service that a Construction Manager could ask for on a complex healthcare project. I would recommend Wayne J. Griffin [Electric] on the most challenging and collaborative of projects.”

Suffolk Construction, Boston, MA

We have seldom worked with an Electrical Subcontractor as professional and responsive as Wayne J. Griffin [Electric]. If something needed to be done, Wayne J. Griffin just did it – no questions, no arguments, no headaches. Your attitude and that of the on-site personnel was positive and professional. We wish we could use you on all our jobs. Your cooperation and readiness to solve problems contributed immeasurably to our success. It’s what makes our job look easy.”

Clancy & Theys Construction Company, Newport News, VA

“Since the start of construction, we have been impressed with the participation of the Griffin Electric team in the successful, safe and timely completion of all phases of construction. The team’s tight coordination with the other subcontractors and GC was notable. When construction problems arose, your team was flexible and carried on without hesitation.

It’s easy to see why Griffin Electric maintains a strong presence in the electrical contracting industry. …we have worked with you and your team many times over the years and we are always impressed with the knowledge and commitment to safety that your employees have demonstrated on the job.

The Wayne J. Griffin Electric team played a vital role in creating that space allowing our lab expansion to continue on schedule.”

Biogen, Cambridge, MA

“Rather than just build what was shown on the drawings, [Wayne J. Griffin Electric] took a proactive role in taking corrective action to ensure their work was ‘built right the first time.’ [Griffin Electric] earned the informal distinction of being the Best Overall Team Player Award for their role in proactive problem solving. I highly recommend [Griffin] to any project owner who has an unusually demanding project needing a best in class electrical contractor.”

C3 – Commercial Construction Consulting, Inc., Boston, MA

Griffin Electric is one of New England’s premier electrical contractors, yet when dealing with them you get the feeling of working with a neighbor and trusted friend. Their professionalism, courtesy and knowledge is outstanding and is worthy of commendation. Their knowledge of the electrical code and ability to provide problem solving resolutions, exemplary. Whether dealing with Wayne himself or any of his personnel, you get confident and dependable feedback that you can take into a meeting with confidence.”

D.F. Pray, Seekonk, MA

“It was apparent to us that your organization was the perfect fit based on you being a Schneider business partner and the commitment to safety, budget, schedule and the quality of work produced. Your firm should take great pride for your [efforts] in helping us achieve our objectives of the project and you exceeded everyone’s expectations.

We cannot emphasize enough the quality of workmanship that was delivered by Griffin Electric. The staffing levels that needed to be adjusted to meet schedule requirements were outstanding and showed a commitment to the project by [Wayne] Griffin and the complete team. This project was very successful from Schneider Electric’s point of view and Griffin was an integral part of us achieving a positive result.”

Schneider Electric, Andover, MA

“SDA has first-hand experience working with Griffin Electric on previous projects, and can attest to the quality of their work.

The electricians … and management team … displayed an intricate knowledge of many design and installation challenges that surround a PV system. Any questions that arose during installation were addressed in a timely and professional manner. The project was completed on time and the end result is impressive from both a visual standpoint and in terms of the technical competency of [the] Griffin team.

With over 40 years of experience in the solar industry, SDA has witnessed many contractors come and go and we strive to build a close working relationship with contractors who display the highest level of quality and competency in the PV industry. SDA is happy to recommend Griffin Electric as one of these top quality contractors.”

Solar Design Associates, Harvard, MA

“As an owner’s rep. we realize all the challenges in the field that our sub-contractors have to face in terms of schedule deadlines, work efficiencies and bandwidth to deliver quick turnarounds when the team needs it and I am proud to say that [the] Wayne J. Griffin team has surpassed all such challenges to ensure Boston Scientific Headquarters meet deadlines and finish strong so that they can continue to deliver world quality services and products to their patients.

I have found the entire Griffin team, from its leadership to its field personnel, dedicated to serving their customers and working in true partnership with [the] entire project team.

Boston Scientific, Marlborough, MA

The continuous communication that existed between the Griffin and Turner teams was greatly appreciated, and allowed project milestones to be met on schedule and on budget. This was in a large part due to [the] direction of the Griffin team during not only the normal work day, but also during the extra hours off shift, including both nights and weekends, which led to an overall smooth phasing of the project.”

Turner Construction Company, Boston, MA  

“Cutler and Rivermead were very satisfied with the manpower, professionalism, quality and safety exhibited by the entire Griffin team.

As with any project of this magnitude and phasing schedule, there were complexities involved and tight timelines to be met, making the project extremely challenging. Throughout these challenges, the Griffin team maintained their high standards of quality, integrity and safety on this job site. As a result of this collective team effort, the Rivermead project was successfully completed.”

Cutler Associates, Worcester, MA

“I would like to personally thank you and your team for a very successful electrical power shutdown in Webster. … we put our faith in your ability to complete this critical shutdown and we were most pleased and appreciative of the outcome. The shutdown … was very well-run and well-coordinated.

… I have witnessed professionalism among your staff and a willingness to work with the hospital to ensure a smooth addition. An essential part of a well-run project is cooperation among the contractors, and our staff has very much enjoyed working with your knowledgeable staff…”

Harrington Healthcare at Hubbard, Webster, MA

“We were privileged to have your skilled craftsmen and women as part of this impressive project and it was clear to us that Wayne J. Griffin Electric’s focus on training and safety added a significant value at every phase of the project.

We ask that you congratulate each member of the Central Heating Plant team for a job well done. We look forward to working with you and your team of professionals in the future.”

O&G Industries, Inc., Torrington, CT

“Your team played a significant role in the spirit of cooperation and teamwork that is required on a complex project with many moving parts to ensure completion on schedule. As with all design build projects with tight timelines, cooperation and coordination with all trades is critical for successful completion and the Griffin team was out in front from start to finish.

Continental Wingate Development, Needham, MA





“The complexity of the work that WJGEI had to execute was beyond any electrical plans that I had seen before. The entire electrical system throughout the building is state of art. [WJGEI’s] installation included lighting controls for all rooms/offices/lobbies/exhibits, exterior/interior lighting, kitchen equipment, [mechanical] shades, and the geothermal HVAC system. All of these systems are state of the art and required extensive knowledge and precision which [Griffin] possesses both.

Also, because of the ‘attention to detail’ approach [Griffin] takes in executing a project, they were the first group to be signed off after commissioning. With a facility this size and the multiple complex systems that were installed, this is a magnificent compliment to [Griffin Electric].

The quality of their work and customer support is first class.

Young Harris College, Young Harris, GA

“I wanted to reach out and thank you again for partnering with EMC on the next phase of work in our new Durham Center of Excellence, and to commend your entire team for their skill and for the leadership they demonstrated on our project to deliver the high quality electrical installation at our world class North Carolina Center.

The expertise demonstrated by your team… and their ability to successfully coordinate with the other sub-contractors, kept this challenging job running safely, smoothly, on-time, and under budget!

… I am grateful for the partnership that we have developed. The contributions of the Griffin team continue to remind me why we have relied upon Griffin Electric to be our electrical subcontractor of choice for the past 20+ years at EMC facilities throughout New England and the Southeast.”

EMC Corporation, Hopkinton, MA

“… your field craft team executed their work with superior knowledge and skill. Paying close attention to detail, and always with safety at the forefront, they helped create a best in class facility that will do this region proud for many years to come.

Extensive coordination with the owner, architect, municipalities, utility providers, and other subcontractors were paramount to the success of this project. Your team excelled at keeping the lines of communication open and fostering productive, working relationships with all parties involved, which helped to resolve potential discrepancies before they became real issues.”

Archer Western Contractors, Atlanta, GA

“Not only was your field staff accessible, competent, and easy to work with, they also seemed to take the time to understand and address our needs and the Owner’s needs in addition to the job specifications. I was very impressed with your company’s ‘do whatever it takes’ attitude that was extremely evident during the last 90 days prior to opening. Your staff did an excellent job of making sure the end date was never compromised!

I am appreciative of the fine job and high-quality standards the Griffin Electric team gave to this project each and every day. Their positive attitude [and] extensive knowledge of their trade helped ensure the success and final completion of the NASCAR Hall of Fame.”

Turner BE&K Davis, Charlotte, NC

“The project included very complex electrical requirements to support the museum’s lighting and audio-visual components, as well as other elements such as the IMAX Theatre and museum restaurant.

The quality of work performed by the WJG team was second to none and the safe and professional manner in which they performed their work set the bar for performance on the project.

The WJG team was a leader on this very difficult project for quality, safety and costs. They proactively worked to the Owner’s benefit and always offered a way to help solve problems instead of causing them.”

Newton Aaron & Associates, Columbus, GA

“I’d like to express Archer Western’s appreciation of Wayne J. Griffin Electric’s performance on both the SOF C4 Facility and SOF Battalion Operations Facility projects in Fort Bragg, NC. Wayne J. Griffin’s efforts to help coordinate and drive the project schedules were vital in maintaining efficient and organized progress throughout each project. Coupled with a high regard for Safety and Quality, Wayne J. Griffin’s operations were the driving force behind each project’s overall momentum.

Despite numerous design changes, Wayne J. Griffin’s overall knowledge and expertise of the systems proved to be a vital asset in providing the owner with quality, functional systems that met the needs of the end-user in this mission critical facility.

Wayne J. Griffin’s partnership and teaming approach to the bid-build and design-build construction processes created a productive and successful environment for both parties.”

Archer Western Contractors, LLC, Fort Bragg, NC

“As a principal of a program and construction management consulting firm, I am constantly exposed to contractors of all types, sizes, and abilities. For the more than two years’ duration of the project, I was fortunate to work closely with members of the WJG team.

The WJG team was a leader on this challenging project for quality, safety and costs. They proactively worked for the Owner’s benefit and assisted when needed in solving project challenges. I highly recommend the WJG team and would welcome the opportunity to work with them again.”

Aaron & Clements, Columbus, GA

“Throughout the project, numerous engineering challenges, coordination issues and tight schedule deadlines were encountered. These items were always embraced by Griffin Electric as part of a team approach to produce solutions in a professional manner that allowed for successful, final outcomes for both Griffin Electric and the project.

The Alpha would not have completed in the successful manner it did without the hard work and cooperation of Griffin Electric. This is a direct reflection of the ability of Griffin Electric’s staff to coordinate and work toward solutions through any and all challenges.”

Vizor, LLC, Lafayette, IN

“WJG stands out from other electrical providers as they truly partner with the general contractor and owner to minimize cost and disruption.

The entire WJG team remained professional and stayed the course on this very difficult project without compromising quality, safety or costs. They proactively worked to the Owner’s benefit and always offered a way to help solve problems.”

Newell Brands, Atlanta, GA