Career Development

Wayne J. Griffin Electric, Inc. has made it a priority to offer education and training opportunities for all employees, so that they may develop into the most highly skilled electrical craft workers and business professionals in the construction industry.  Throughout the year we offer employees seminars and workshops which are designed to develop technical/electrical skills; provide training on particular equipment and products; and address critical safety issues.  

We also offer training certificate courses, in conjunction with our local colleges and universities, on a variety of personal development topics, such as Communication Skills, Leadership, and Personal Effectiveness.  With our focus on continuous improvement, these offerings help employees realize their potential in order to achieve their career objectives.

All education and training classes are open to field and office personnel on a voluntary basis, free of charge.  Additionally, the company offers each employee the opportunity to benefit from tuition reimbursement, in the amount of $2,000 annually, for pre-approved courses.  And, in an effort to support wellness overall, classes on nutrition and fitness are offered at our Holliston headquarters to foster a healthy body, healthy mind.